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Backflow Prevention in the GTA

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The stellar team at Niagara Water Services is here to help you comply with the latest municipal backflow bylaws and regulations. Call us today to learn about backflow prevention and cross connection compliance.

What Causes Backflow?

As the word implies, backflow occurs when water flows through a pipe in the wrong direction. One major cause lies in back pressure which is when the water pressure in your pipes is higher than the pressure in municipal waterlines also known as back siphonage. You can also end up with backflow when the water pressure in your pipes is lower than the pressure in municipal waterlines. In either case, backflow can result in a messy mix of clean and contaminated water.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Niagara Water Services—we’ll set you up with your best course of action for protecting your home from backflow.

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Backflow Prevention Etobicoke

Why Do I Need Backflow Prevention?

Backflow prevention is crucial to preventing contamination to the community’s water supply. As we mentioned in the previous section, backflow usually results in the cross-contamination of clean and dirty water. Contaminated water contains potentially threatening pollutants like fecal matter, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and more. As you can imagine, nobody wants these substances in their drinking water.

To protect you and your community, Niagara Water Services are fully up to date with all the latest bylaws and guidelines for installing backflow prevention equipment. Call us today for a quote.

Backflow Prevention Toronto

Installation and Annual Testing

Backflow prevention devices are typically installed on multi-residential or commercial properties. The owner of the property or building who currently has the service connection to the city’s water supply is responsible for installation and testing of the premise isolation backflow device as per the municipal bylaws. The owner of the property must hire a certified installer/tester to annually test the device or install a new device onsite.

Niagara Water Services can provide installation and annual testing to all backflow prevention devices as we are certified to do this in the GTA, Peel Region and other surrounding areas.  Niagara Water Services is also certified to Complete Cross Connection surveys for any properties located in Peel Region that needs a backflow device installed as per city standards.  A Cross Connection Survey must be completed in order to obtain a permit to install a backflow device in Peel and move forward to the next stage in the process of installation of a backflow device.

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Backflow Prevention The GTA
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