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Are you looking to expand your living space without splurging on a new addition? Niagara Water Services can help with our rock-solid underpinning services. Call today to learn more.

What Is Underpinning?

The definition of underpinning is a solid foundation that is laid below ground level to support or strengthen a building. This can be an effective workaround for people who need some extra room, but don’t have the square footage or funds to afford a complete extension. With underpinning, you can enjoy the perks of a full height finished basement without building into your backyard. As you can imagine, the process is very labour intensive and requires significant experience to pull off.

Underpinning is the process of extending the underside of a foundation wall to a lower level. This is normally achieved by excavating below the existing foundation wall in short discrete sections and then by filling in these sections with concrete in such a way that the foundation wall is made to extend to a lower level.  For existing houses this is usually done from the inside of the basement in a series of stages determined by a structural engineer.

A staged approach (usually 3 stages) is used since the existing foundation wall is still carrying load. Normally it is only acceptable to underpin a short section of foundation wall in order to avoid any undermining or safety issues.  It is vitally important to leave undisturbed sections of soil between each stage to ensure the continued support of the foundation wall during construction.

Depending upon the type of foundation wall present the underpinning sections may be shorter or longer but typically the underpinning sections are installed in 4’ sections maximum for concrete or block and 3’ sections for stone or rubble. By following a staged sequence of underpinning the entire foundation wall can be successfully lowered in a safe and controlled manner without causing any significant shifting or settlement of the original house structure. 

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Underpinning Etobicoke

Transform Your Basement with Underpinning

Transform your dark unfinished basement into a slick brand new space with first rate underpinning from Niagara Services. Perhaps it sounds miraculous but yes we can increase the depths of your basement without seriously damaging the supporting walls and foundation.

Traditional underpinning methods are nearly 100 years in age and the protocol has not changed. Underpinning strengthens an existing structure’s foundation by digging boxes by hand underneath and sequentially pouring concrete in a strategic order.  The result is a foundation built underneath the existing foundation. This underpinning method is generally applied when the existing foundation is at a shallow depth but works well up to fifty feet in depth. The method has not changed since its inception with its use of utilitarian tools such as shovels and manual labour.

While completing the underpinning of your home Niagara Water Services can also handle all of your drain and water proofing needs such as installations of backwater valves, sump pumps and so much more to avoid any future flooding or sewage issues.  Call us today to arrange a free no nonsense quote!

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